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About Me 

Hi, my name is Ashley and I will say a quick thank you for looking at my site before I bore you to death talking about myself.

I am a fully qualified chef and a 1st dan black belt in Taekwondo very bubbly man and easy to talk to and a right down to earth kind of guy this is me in just a couple of words really now let's talk about how it all started that more interesting than me.

How it Started.

It all started really when I was young I was going to all different shows nearly every weekend with my parent's due to having a Bedford QLT troop carrier we were going to anywhere they allowed military transport in. There I am taking not as many photographs because I could not afford it with the film it was a crazy price and then was doing family parties and all sorts really. I got a better camera that had an SD card but just a fixed lens but I had a zoom button on it and went all over the place with this one it was crazy where I have gone. I think it will be better to say where I have not been with this one haha.

Getting more involved.

I was taking all different photographs with the standard camera and then was taking my dads and using his to take better photographs and well got to the stage that I  needed a better camera so we went out one Christmas and my lovely parents bought me a new camera with two lenses so now am ready to take some photographs. I was taking loads more photographs and getting everything filled it was just crazy how many photographs I took with this camera.

The Big Problem.

Just say I was in the breakdown mode when this happened I just did not know what to do and well the problem was that just say I nearly lost all the photographs that I have taken over the years but thank god where it was a new laptop it was covered and everything so took it back to the place and thanks to them they recovered all photographs and more. I was so happy but what a panic.



Well I have been now getting my name around more got my own website and Facebook like-page and all other social media, I am doing all different things to make this a long-term life work and my own company also getting books released of my work and going to be creating a brand new magazine for all models.

This is me at a show in a tweed suit based on around 1925 1930s 40s 

This is Daisy Bright. She was one of the very first models that got me involved in model photography.

When I went to the BSB at Brands Hatch and met some of the Grid girls.

Me in the thick of it trying to get the photograph I want.