Jodie is an international and national model based London/Kent. Jodie is such an amazing model she knows what to do and how to do it. I mean it from modelling to lighting and camera positions its crazy if you are shooting with models go and book this model you will learn so much. 


 She is a very busy model travels all over the place very easy to communicate with just such a lovely model to work with 


  • Alternative

  • Beauty

  • BodyPaint

  • Bondage 

  • Commercial 

  • Erotic 

  • Fashion

  • Fetish 

  • Fitness 

  • Glamour

  • Lifestyle

  • Lingerie 

  • Nude 

  • Pinup 

  • Portrait 

  • Promotional 

  • Swimwear 

  • Topless 

  • Wedding