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Bethany Bedlam

Bleeds geek  like  it’s  no  tomorrow.  

Born in the small city of Canterbury in southeast  England. Growing up I was always drawn to the vibrant and colourful painted ladies on the front of the magazines and was inspired by them.   Growing up I was always the small,  pale, ginger geeky girl and never really one that guys looked twice at.  I was always much more into climbing trees or reading books than dressing up.  I learned to appreciate how beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

In the past few years since I have been published in many notable magazines both national and international.

I have featured for clothing labels and fire spinning toys, performing at download festival.

Modelling has really opened up a lot of opportunities for me to meet and perform with some amazing people and visit some great places.  Just  to  say  I am  still  that  geek  I  was  and  will  never  change  I  bleed  geek  like  it’s  no  tomorrow from  medieval  fantasy,  dragons  and  wizards  to  future  space  travel  and  alien  life so if you are looking for a lady that you can talk about space and sciences stuff also sit down and watch game of thrones or star trek or even go to medieval battle shows this is the lady for you.

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