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Lockdown ease

Lockdown is finally coming to an end. We will soon be aloud out again to get photoshoots on there way and making products easier there is still a lot to be done with this covid but fingers crossed this will be the end of it.

I so cant wait to get shooting again with my new camera with all the different models and even better new models who have got in touch with me about doing shoots. so please do look at my portfolio because there will be loads of new models and photos going live when this lockdown is lifted. Please all still stay safe and don't be silly even when it's lifted because if it all goes too quick then it will be another lockdown and that one thing we all don't want. There has been a load of sadness because of all this and we don't need any more. Hopefully, we can enjoy the summer and the rest of the year it been a long time coming. The British saying is KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON !!!! so this is what we all need to do.

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