MCN Motorcycle live show

Updated: Feb 18

Harley Davidson

I have just been to the bike show that was hosted at the excel, I have been going for the past 5 years and well this was not the best year at all there was hardly any decent stools and the bikes I had seen already and there were big companies not even there. I am shocked how smaller this is getting and I think this would be the last year of this event. Especially for the price of everything and when the drink does not even taste the best it not good. I really do think it will be my last year over the past 5 years this was the worst year going. Sadly to say it. It also is a shame there was not many models or grid girls walking around and sponsoring the brands. That is one thing that made the show even better. Thank god I got to see the two I know and got to meet the MCN ladies who were kind and respectable to us and we even got a photo taken with them. Unless they make it bigger or change it I don't think it will last much longer. I love this show but there is a lot that need improving it might be because of Brexit that all these big companies don't know what to do or it could be that the price that the venue asks for is too much to pay and that is a shame because i use to love going around Harley Davidson for the music and vibe there I could get some amazing photos but sadly they have not been attending recent shows. Clinton is another big brand that was not there now this is where everyone would get clothing and everything from a lanyard to a big puffy jacket with all different racing brands on them. You could also get some right decent deals before the racing season started. I also did not see the auction that is normally there. This is normally run by a big specialist in fine historic automobiles COYS. This use to be really good to go around and have a look and see roughly what the guidelines of bikes are estimated at.

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