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New Camera and its learning curves

I have recently brought a brand new Nikon D850. I have had the Nikon D3200 for several years and accumulated a shutter count of 114,916 and it was now time to have a change and push to the next level. For anyone thinking of doing the same well start saving now because as I learnt I had to change not just the camera but also the lenses because I had a cropped sensor body (DX) and was going up to a full-frame body (FX) if I attached a DX lens to an FX body it would just change the way it reads and sticks to the DX side of things so I was not getting the full experience of having an FX body. There are loads of different things you need to look out for but mainly if you want to ask yourself is do you NEED to update or do you WANT to update because if you need to well that's when its time to update or at least start saving.

I have had the D850 for a couple of weeks done a few moons shots and that but nothing like I would do if I was not in a lockdown.

That has been one other thing that is not letting me get the max specs out of it and to see how good this camera is because normally I would be taking photos of fast bikes like the British Superper Bike (BSB) or models and maybe going to a mix of different shows and seeing performances. The only thing I have used the camera for is moon shots what is fun because I have now been able to use the Sigma 170-500mm but if you don't have a lense well it could be quite difficult to do that kind of thing.

I will say with doing the moon shots I can now see how much that I can really crop the photo on an FX lens and still not lose the specs and resolution of the photo and that's what I do love. I hope to be shooting loads more when we are back to some sort of normal life.

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