Paula of Sweden in the Clocktower

I have been working with the amazing Paula at the clocktower in London. We had so much to do but smashed out 8 different sets of photos for publication in several different magazines. it was such an awesome fun day that went so quick we didn't even shoot some of the stuff so we will be shooting again to get more content to post and publish.

If you ever get the opportunity to work with Paula take it with both hands because you will not regret it at all. She is a fun bubbly lady who has loads of modelling experience and she knows what she is doing big time. Always god loads of clothing and ideas. If your a new photographer or want and experienced model you should get in touch with her.

Now the Clock tower where do I start this place I have been twice and it is just an eye-opener every time I go and I still haven't really covered the place yet that much but yeah it is amazing so many different rooms and you will be just shocked when you see it outside and then boom you go in and the fun starts. It is owned by an amazing lady called Annabella she is fun sweet and respectable very honest and easy to chat to she likes to have a laugh as well what makes the day go by also she makes sure your all ok during the shoot which is nice.

Overall had an amazing time and will be shooting with Paula and at the Clocktower.

Here are Instagram links to both Paula and clocktower.


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